Does that walk home alone at night make you… anxious?

Or perhaps you’re at home, fretting over the safe arrival home of a loved one?

Safetowalk connects the person walking with a selected friend or partner for the duration of that walk.
The person at home can now follow the homeward-bound progress in real time.

Should something unexpected or unpleasant occur during the walk, Safetowalk offers simple push-button tools that help you deal with these situations.

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How it works

1. Your guardian will see where you are

The “walk with me” functionality is well suited to situations where there is not necessarily any danger or threat, but it would be nice if someone would “walk with me” when I am somewhere alone, for example, walking in the dark or in a strange place.

Safetowalk allows someone to be with you whenever you want, look over you and make sure you arrive safely at your destination.

Our app will send an SMS-message and a map link to your guardian so they can keep an eye on you where ever you are. Knowing that some one is looking over you, you will feel safer when walking alone.

Upon arrival safely at your destination, just click a message to you guardian indicating “All well, I have arrived safely”.

2. Personal safety camera

“Video / Audio” functionality lets you use your camera phone to record situations where you may feel more insecure than usual.

Suitable for situations where video recording may pre-empt an event, or you want to make sure that a certain situations will be recorded just in case (e.g. someone is following you, someone is escalating, someone is behaving threatening, etc.).

This functionality sends video footage to your guardian (if you wish), but also to our server, and thus, if something happens to you or your phone, the video will be stored on our servers if you or authorities later need it.

3. Emergency call

This functionality corresponds the same situation as a normal emergency call, so you can use it also when you are in need of immediate assistance. This means you can call the emergency service directly from the app.

In addition, the phone will record and store location data and possible video footage on our servers if needed later.

The app also works abroad. So even if you don’t know the local emergency number, our app will automatically connect you with the local emergency authorities.


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