Safetowalk Oy is a Finnish company that wants people to feel more secure wherever they are on the move. We provide an easy-to-use mobile application that provides a sense of security and, in general, security enhancing features.

Increasing a sense of security is especially true for young people and women and our goal is to provide a service and connect people, families and friends together so they can take care and ensure that they all feel safe when they are on their own.

At the same time, we provide an easy way to deal with an escalation of a potential incident and to bring elements which will able you to get out of an uncomfortable situation and provide authorities with additional tools to resolve possible misconduct actions.

Our dream is to provide people around the world with an easy-to-use way to feel safe and provide preventive measures to increase safety.

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Our values

1. Less fear

Sometimes, usually after dark, it can feel uncomfortable, sometimes even frightening to walk alone on the streets, through parks etc.

At Safetowalk, we want to ease these anxieties.

2. Less stress

We should not have to stress over the personal-safety of our loved ones.
We often waste a lot of energy pointlessly stressing over the safety of loved ones.

At Safetowalk, we want to relieve this stress.

3. Togetherness and caring

Being alone is usually the one that feeds insecurity and fear.

Safetowalk wants you not to feel so alone ... even if you move alone.

4. Empowerment: Live your life!

“Should I go out or stay in tonight?”

At Safetowalk we want to empower you to live your life to its fullest.

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