We want to help our app users in all kinds of situations. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and tips on how to use the application.

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Frequently asked questions

WHAT does Safetowalk do?

We want to bring a newfound peace of mind to the urban dweller, especially when you are out walking alone, and especially after dark.

We do this by offering an app holding a set of easy-to-use tools, that
a) make you feel less alone during you evening/night walk home, and
b) lets your loved ones at home know you are all right.

If however, for any reason, your walk starts feeling unsafe, we have the tools to help you deal with that and ensuring that your loveones at home and/or the police know you are feeling threatened.

Safetowalk can also contribute towards both a) helping resolve crimes that have happened while the appliation was activated, as well as b) helping prevent future crimes from happening.

If a crime is attempted or occurs and it is recorded with the video camera, the video material is stored on our server, and is therefore available even if your phone is stolen or destroyed.

This recorded material can help law enforcement and judicial processes identify the perpetrators, and make them responsible for their actions in a court of law.

In doing this, the functionality can help your community keep the streets of your city more crime-free.

WHO should use Safetowalk? Who is it meant for?

The application should be used by anybody who wants to feel empowered to move freely around in their community, with a greater degree of safety than before.

Urban personal safety-related stress is borne usually both by two parties, say, a daughter walking home alone after dark, as well as by her parents waiting for her return home.

We join these two entities in a completely new interactive way, and in doing so empower each other not to worry pointlessly; mom and dad can now see their daughter’s progress towards the safety of their home,

and the daughter sees and knows that her parents are keeping a watchful eye on her safety, and knows they will react if her trip home becomes delayed or erratic.

WHEN should I use Safetowalk?

Use Safetowalk any time you want the comfort of not feeling alone.

We facilitate the human interaction that makes us feel less alone, which in turn reducs often pointless personal-safety stress. So, use Safetowalk whenever you want that peace-of-mind.

Does Safetowalk make it safe for me to walk about alone at night?

It is a good tool to bring about increased safety, but it is no substitute for common sense.

Even if you use Safetowalk, always be aware of the surroundings you are moving in, and when moving in unfamiliar territory.

Does Safetowalk work all over the world?

Yes, it does, as long as there is good internet coverage avaiable.

Is Safetowalk compatible with all phones?

Safetowalk will work with any smartphone running Anrdoid or IoS.

Does it cost anything to use Safetowalk?

Safetowalk is not free to use. There is a low license fee that you pay (monthly or yearly, according to your conveniecne)

The importance of using international phonenumber formats

Safetowalk is an international service. There are more than 5 billion cellphones in the world. To function properly, we must know your phone number in full international format.

Why does Safetowalk need access to my contacts, camera, as well as my internet and connectivity settings?

To be able to keep you safe, we must know who you and where you are.

What data does Safetowalk collect about me?

We collect you name, phonenumber, email address, age, gender, your location info, and any video you upload to our servers.

My contact information just changed; what do I do?

Go to the “my account” page on your app (through the MENU icon on the top left), and update your your new information.

It is very important that the application is always updated with your current information.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

There is a “I have forgotten my password” option on the login page.

Does a Guardian need to download Safetowalk

No, it is not necessarry for your Guardian to download anything.

For the Guardian, the use of STW is guided by normal SMS text messages.

How many Guardians can I have?

There is no upper limit to how many Guardians you can register. We strongly recommend registerring a minimum of 3 Guardians.

How do I remove a Guardian?

Just go to the guardian list, press the arrow and delete the guardian whom you wish to remove.

Why is my GPS location sometimes not reliable?

Positioning technology relies mainly on information garnered through cell-tower telemetry, and on the technology found in your cell phone.

How can I improve the accuracy of my GPS location?

Check the location settings on your phone, and ensure they are set to “high accuracy”.

How can I center the map?

There is a map-centering button on the righthand side of your screen; this button will place you at the center of the screen on your map.

How do I know who is "walking with me"?

When a Guardian has agreed to walk with you, a text will appear on your screen, telling you who is following your journey.

Do I have to update the application myself?

No, you don’t. Normally applications are updated automatically, but to make sure, check your settings, that the automatic udpate function is activated.

How can I use the application when travelling?

Safetowalk is designed for use in all countries. It will sense in which country you are, and will automatically load the local emergency services phone number, should you need to place an SOS call.

Most major urban areas in developed countries have more than sufficient coverage, and an increasing numer of cities in the developing world are not far behind, but be sure to check.

Taking time zones into account when travelling.

Remember, if you’re in North America, and your Guardians are in Europe, there is a time difference to take into consideration; you don’t want to wake people up at home at 04:00 in the morning.

For that reason, whenever possible, it is a good idea to consider asking local friends to act as your temporary Guardians

Is it OK to use the Safetowalk video if I am witness to a fight or a crime?

Yes. As it is a situation that may directly or indirectly become one that threatens also your personal safety, it is OK to use the STW video to record a criminal event.

Can I post my Safetowalk videos online?

NEVER post anything you record with Safetowalk anywhere. Our application is a personal safety tool, not a social meida app.

What data does Safetowalk store?

Generally, we collect information that improves your safety, or helps prevent crime locally.

STW collects information to create a database to see where and when people feel unsafe.

For these specific purposes, data is collected namelessly.

I have been the victim of a crime. How can my STW help me?

First, ensure that you alright; if necessarry, visit a doctor and/or file a police complaint ASAP.

If you used STW during the criminal event, STW can provide you with the following info:

– You location info.

– Any audio-video material you may have recorded during the event.

In the best of cases, STW can a) confirm your presence at the location where the crime took place, as well as b) provide credible audio-visual material on what happened during the event.

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